My name is Penny Pincher, yes, really. My parents were that cruel. They wanted to give me a special monicker but spent so much time contemplating what my first (and in their minds most important) name should be, they didn’t bother to waste a second thought considering how my names might sound together. So they picked Penelope and thus Penny Pincher was born.

What they didn’t realise was that upon naming me, they also determined a part of my fate. Perhaps as a way to rebel against my given name I became the biggest spender ever. I have absolutely no self-control when it comes to any type of spending: be it clothes, gym memberships, meals out, holidays, whatever. The only deterrent to my out-of-control consumption was that all-too-familiar beep at the cash machine that informed me that yes, I was out of money once again.

Since turning 25 a few months ago I decided that enough was enough. It was about time that I lived up to my god-given vocation. And so I really became Penny Pincher, the penny-pincher!

Follow my blog as I share with you a number of health, fitness, diet, fashion and lifestyle tips; all on a budget of course.


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